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March 2011



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Doraemon OVA: Nobita no Kekkonzenya

The Dynamic Duo

This is a bit random but I loved Doraemon a lot while growing up and this just brings back so many memories. This OVA, The Night Before a Wedding, is the one where Nobita was worried that Shizuka is getting too close to Dekisugi (now I know his name is a pun for 'capable of doing too much' XD makes sense) so Nobita and Doraemon used the time machine to have a look at the day of his wedding. This was one of the more touching episodes of the series :)

I'm sure this is a modern OVA because the drawing and quality looks better than the classic 80's anime I remember. They also added a few things that weren't in the manga.



Links (extract with winrar):

Part 1: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=A8DGXFUC
Part 2: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=F9K7D9E9
Part 3: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=759B4MVD


...and I'm also taking Doraemon. This anime was never shown on German TV so I couldn't see it in Austria either *Germany probably never got a license and Austria is getting all its shows from Germany lol*
So this would be your first ever Doraemon ep? I wonder if you could understand who's who and what's what since it's quite a later on episode.. Not many gadgets either..

Doraemon was a huge craze in Malaysia in the 90s though. Even grown ups read the manga (so I heard) ;)
So better not dl? *busy with the Way of Blue Sky movie* I know, I have several Malaysians on my flist and they all speak of it as their childhood manga/anime.
Download it anyway.. lol. It's not a typical Doraemon episode as it's sadder than usual, but still a good episode.
A sad Doraemon ep? Scary... *dls anyway*
hello hello my friend linked me to ur lj. i see that u have a lot of downloads! doraemon too and im so excited XD is this episode subbed?
Helloo. Thanks for dropping by^^. Yup, it's subbed... I think (it's been so long.. lol XP). Can you understand Japanese?
i can understand quite a bit! but i prefer to watch subbed episodes, it's too tiring for me to listen haha. grabbing the links!^^
Sou ka.. Hey, Otsuka Ai! Can I add you to my f-list? *is really random today* :D
OKAY. that was random bout Ai-chin though =P
I havent watch this anime in years XD
thanks a lot <3