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March 2011




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Mar. 7th, 2011


This journal is 50% Friends Only..

Friends only banner..
I will lock most of the personal related entries from now on. Do add me if you would like to be friends and think we may get along and. Add me first, leave a message here so I can add you back.

I don't lock the things I upload. So if you're just looking for past shared goodies, you can get them all HERE

Jun. 8th, 2010


Movie of the month [May 2010]

Better do this while I'm free! These were my fav movies last month...

1. Ip Man 2

It's not even good as the first Ip Man, and the story line is something you'd find in any typical martial arts flick. But the fights are as awesome as ever (although not as realistic as the first one), and because of that it's at number one.

Moar+abs of steel inside..Collapse )

Jun. 4th, 2010


Huge-ass pic...

Woah look at the size of this pic. It's about 22MB 0_0;

If it's printed out, I bet it'd make a stunning poster.

I haven't been playing FFXIII for a while (or turned on the PS3 other than to watch movies). After getting to Gran Pulse, the place is beautiful and huge but the side quests got tedious. I know I can just skip it and move on with the story, and I want to but can't because I want to know what happens when they're all completed (and it helps to level up).

Now I'm stuck :P

Jun. 2nd, 2010


Leaping through time~again...

Saw this a while back but I thought I'd share it anyway. They are making have made (or remade, I don't know anymore ~_~") a live action version of Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo (The Girl Who Leapt Through Time).

I didn't see the original but loved the anime version (which you should really see if you haven't, even if you don't normally watch anime. That 7.9 rating at imdb is no fluke I assure you). From the cool trailer, it looks like they changed a lot of things. Wonder if it's about a different girl.

Of course, it stars the lovable Naka Riisa♥
(She also voiced the main character in the anime version, and she was perfect and gave life to Kanno). Ah, on a side note, I saw her in Music Station singing as Zebra Queen (which never fails to make me lol) and it seems she's not as shy or awkward as she used to be anymore.


PS: Since I'm really in the mood, if anyone has any TV show or gameshow that has Naka Riisa in it, pass it to me and I'LL SUB IT! (It's been so long ><) However, the video has to be:
-good quality (not youtube kind of blurry video)
-interesting (not just some boring interview)

May. 23rd, 2010


Went to google and found...

Clicking "Insert Coin" enables you to play PacMan using the keyboard.

Seems to only work on IE though.

Wonder if it's PacMan day or something..
Maybe I should google it.

Dude... update your LJ more often

After doing some google-research, I've decided on which laptop to get.

This one, the Acer Aspire 1825PTZ...

The fact that it's also a tablet appeals to me. I don't know why. It's a laptop AND I can pretend that it's an iPad and/or a Kindle.

-Small, but faster than a netbook
-Tablet/HD touchscreen goodness

-Super shiny outside cover = fingerprint trap
-Maybe it won't be as fast as a regular laptop for the same price, I dunno, probably

For me personally, I don't think it looks very nice on the outside. But once you open it and turn it on, I just love what it has and can do. I think I read somewhere that it's able to be used as GPS and is cool to the touch. Hopefully they're both true because 1. I'm tired of getting lost, 2. I hate getting my lap..top burned by a laptop.

It's the only tablet-laptop I found that's reasonably priced. I saw a few Fujitsu and HP ones that look more gorgeous and have higher specs, but they cost about twice the price of this one. So, no-can-do-sville, baby doll..

Hopefully I'd be able to get it sometime next month..or even before *crosses fingers*

May. 10th, 2010


Movie of the month [April 2010]

Better put this up before I forget.

Hey, summer is almost here! That means mindless popcorn flicks.. let's hope they're not all bad this year. Here are the top 5 movies I've seen in April.

1. Kick-Ass

At first I wondered why it received a whopping 8++ rating on imdb. It's a super hero movie but it's not. It's different, and funny, and bloody, and cool. Not wanting to spoil it for those who haven't seen it, but look out for Hit Girl! She steals the show. You'll love it if you don't mind a bit of blood. It's quite violent.

And the rest of the list...Collapse )

p/s: I'm having trouble with the links again. I don't know why ~_~;

Apr. 9th, 2010


Movie of the month [March 2010]

I'm so sorry to keep disappearing on everyone..again T_T March was a veeeerrrrry tough month. Well it's time to move on. After all it's a new month and things have been looking up so far.. I'll talk more about it later, f-list (but please dont hold it against me if I suddenly disappear again u_u")..

Movies of the month (I can't stay long so I'll keep it short this time..)
1. Dead Set

Okay it's not a movie, but a 5 episode E4 British miniseries. It's mostly set in the Big Brother studio.. and there's a zombie outbreak in England. It's almost as awesome as 28 Days Later so if you're a fan of 28DL and zombie movies and have missed out on this gem.. LOOK FOR IT NOW! You also have to see it if you're a fan of Big Brother as there are cameos from some past contestants and... you get to see Davina McCall turn into a flesh eating zombie!

And the rest...Collapse )

...okay I give up. (maybe you can tell that I wrote this in a rush)

m(_ _)m

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